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1. Amerei persino la pioggia con questo stupendo ombrello di Felix Rey 
2. Mi piace tanto questa gonnapantalone a scacchi verdi e blu, Zara.
3. Adoro gli Hunter, sono per me un must-have dell'autunno. 
4. Non vedo l'ora di provarli, shampoo e balsamo Bumble and Bumble.
5. Cappuccino caldo, magari con panna!
6. Il mio burro-cacao preferito, nutriente e lucidissimo, Lip Glow di Dior.

1. I could even love rain with this lovely umbrella from Felix Rey.
2. I so like this skirt, Zara.
3. Hunter, for me they are a must-have for fall.
4. Can't wait to try Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner.
5. Hot cappuccino, perhaps with whipped cream!
6. My favorite lip-balm, nutritive and shinny, Lip Glow by Dior.

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  1. Hey Beatrice...
    You have such a pretty blog and that's why I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    For more information on how to receive the award, go to this link below. I hope you like it :)



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